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Great crew, great boat, great food, great lough. Great time!

We booked Sofia Star for a short cruise to the islands around Athens. We want more of it and we 'll definitely do so in the near future. Lia, Lenia and cpt. Yiannis are so easy going and hospitable we felt right at home. Lia in particular, works wonders in the galley!!! Thank you for showing us all that beauty and treating us like good old friends.

The McIntires (from Tripadvisor)

Wonderful Trip!

We chartered the Sophia Star 1 for 4 days of sailing through the Cyclades. We started from Mykonos and sailed past Delos, then to Naxos, Koufonisi, Schinousa, Ios, then to Santorini. We made several stops at secluded beaches and enjoyed swimming and snorkeling. We relaxed and enjoyed the lovely company of our crew, Captain Yiannis, Lenia and Lia. We were able to enjoy each port area where we docked for the night, leaving the yacht to find dinner ashore. We especially enjoyed the lovely days of lounging on the front, or reading and napping, and simply enjoying the beauty of the Aegean. I highly recommend the experience.

Robin S (from Tripadvisor)

Perfect day to South Coast of Mykonos

We did a daily cruise with Sofia star 1. it was the best day in my holidays in Mykonos. The yacht had all the facilities to be a comfortable trip. The food it was delicious and the crew very helpful. Thank you for everything.

Kallirroi A (from Tripadvisor)


Highly recommend this for any group (we are a family with 2 teenagers, and another family of 4 adults and 4 children shared the boat, An excellent trip, fantastic boat, - reasonably priced could not have asked for a better day at sea!

Guilherme84 (from Tripadvisor)

Lots of fun

One day cruise at naxos from 11 am until 6 pm. very friendly and well informed crew. you should bring sun lotion, hat and a beach towel. the boat provides everything else (if you have arranged so).

Koustenisv (from Tripadvisor)

Unique trip to naxos&koufonisia

In august we visited naxos with my girlfriend and decided to spent one day on a yaucht cruise. Sofia star is an awarded yaucht that seems to be the best option because of its facilities, equipment and crew. Keeps you away from other overcrowded choices, gives you the time to relax while enjoying the view of rina's cave and diving into crystal clear water at koufonisia! A must do when you visit naxos, congrats to the friendly crew for its hospitality.

Nick f (from Tripadvisor)

Fantastic trip

We had a lovely time, Dmitri and all the crew were very hospitable. Hope to go again next year! Thanks

Robert C (from Tripadvisor)


We made a wonderful excursion in Koufonisia and had an amazing time. Thank you very much! The tour was excellent as well as your hospitality. The crew Lenia, Lia and John made us feel a big company. Let me note the thoughtful and special details of the decoration of the boat! Well done. We often choose this way of tourism and I have to say how this choice was right for us this year!

Stefania K (from Tripadvisor)

Great escape

Very good and friendly service ! We would have loved to have had more wind, but hey... Thanks for the fun and please send us the dolphins video ! Hope to see you next year again !

Alex Philio and Danae (from Tripadvisor)

A dreamy boat trip

My wife and i, would love to make this excursion in Kato Koufonisi and the cave of Rina with a sailing yacht. The boat is very spacious and luxurious and beautiful and the crew is very kind and helpful in whatever you ask for. We were only 12 people and we all had a lot of sunbathing on the deck and below the tent when we wanted to. They give you fresh water for a shower and have snorkeling equipment. The skipper John was very experienced. The hostess Lenia told us everything about the cruise and the beaches and Lia the cook made for us a very delicious and hearty club sandwich for lunch. and that the boat doesn't put many people cramped within and canceled the cruises when has bad weather in order not to spoil the mood of the passengers the waves and the strong winds of Aegean. So their purpose is to get through well and not just to get you the money and to get sick from the sea in the afternoon. Reserved your seat to not lose this wonderful experience. Thank you very much. Maria-Dimitris-Patra.

Dimitrios Z (from Tripadvisor)

An excellent five days in Koufonisia, Schinoussa, Iraklia, Ios

Actually I have never met friendlier crew. I really felt like my home and Mrs. Lia surprises me every day with her specialties! Lovely food, warm atmosphere and confident with Captain Dimitri. We went to the wonderful Koufonissia in the beginning of June, when my husband chose to make my marriage proposal, I am very glad that this so important moment of my life was at Sofia Star 1, and we went to them so beautiful destinations! Thank you very much!

Aggeliki P (from Tripadvisor)

One-day boat trip in Naxos

I was in Naxos in September and wanted to do a one-day boat trip. After checking out a few boats down at the harbour, I was lucky enough to come across Sofia Star 1. Dmitri and Lia invited me on the boat to take a look, and we ended up chatting for over an hour as the sun set! They're genuinely nice people who are interested in others and who care about their guests. I had to wait a few days for a tour, only because I was a single traveller and there needed to be a large enough group to go out. During this time, Dmitri was great at keeping in touch and updating me. Finally, I was able to join a group of Germans, and it ended up being a wonderful day. Nothing was rushed, from the initial booking the trip itself. We left in the morning, and came back as the sun was going down. The group had about 10 people (some sailboats take upwards of 20!). Lia made sandwiches for lunch, and we stopped for snorkelling at a few different places. I highly recommend Sofia Star 1. It's a beautiful boat with a beautiful crew!

Alexa L (from Tripadvisor)

Sailing the Greek Isles on a luxurious sailboat - like a dream!

What a fantastic way to spend a day in Naxos! The Sofia Star and her wonderful crew welcome you for a relaxed and beautiful day going where the wind takes you. We made 2 stops for swimming and a nice lunch, and spent a full day (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) on board. HIGHLY recommend this for any group (we are a family with 2 teenagers, and another family of 4 adults and 4 kids shared the boat with us - not crowded at all.) We did see another similar sailboat getting ready to leave the harbour packed with at least 20-25 people!! Go with Sofia Star - we're SO glad we did!

Lynn G (from Tripadvisor)

Beautiful day of sailing!

After a friend's wedding a group of 13 of us traveled to Naxos for a vacation - we took a day trip lasting 8 hours with Giuseppe and Maria. It was wonderful. The boat is very nice and Giuseppe is a great captain. We went to nearby Koufonisia and spent the day at the beaches there before setting back for Naxos. Giuseppe showed us one of his favorite secret spots on Naxos and let us linger at the different beaches for as long as we wanted. It was much more pleasant than some other boat tours I have experienced. We were on our own schedule, it truly felt like having a private sailboat for a day. Maria cooked a wonderful meal for us and everyone had a great time. My only suggestion would be to pick a few beaches you want to visit beforehand so you can create your own loose itinerary. This trip was one of the highlights of our week and I would definitely recommend highly to any group wanting a change of scene.

Alexag (from Tripadvisor)

Sailing at its best!

The crew - Dmitri, Lia and Giuseppe, took great care of us on our day long excursion to the beautiful island of Koufonissi! An excellent trip, fantastic boat, reasonably priced - we could not have asked for a better day at sea!

FMP317 (from Tripadvisor)


Being in Naxos and not taking advantage to sail with Sofia Star ...... something you will regret. Enjoy a most beautiful trip with this luxury yacht and let Lia spoil you with her hospitality. We have had the most relaxing and memorable day ever! Keep going!!!!!!!

Marina R (from Tripadvisor)

Great experience!

Don't miss a sailing experience on Sofia Star 1!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy greek islands, swim in the blue mediteranean sea!!!The captain and the crew will make you feel safe at sea so you may relax and enjoy the home made food by miss Lia!!!!Everything is super!!!!!!!

Evelinanaxos (from Tripadvisor)

Super! Sofia Star 1

My experience on Sofia Star 1 while sailing to our various destinations such as Naxos has been amazing. It has been a experience i hope to repeat. The best service, amazingly delicious greek cuisine cooked and served on the yacht by Miss Lia, safe traveling with experienced skippers and lastly very clean and beautiful looking yacht. I hope everyone who hears about it will join in this beautiful and fulfilling journey

Lianna333 (from Tripadvisor)

A fantastic one-day excursion from Naxos to Paros – Antiparos

We chose Naxos for holidays and we did not regret it. The hotel, the taverns, the hospitality and finally the experience we had with the one-day excursion from Naxos to Paros and Antiparos with Sofia Star 1.We had hospitality, security and delicious - clean food. Kapetan Dimitris and Lia made us feel that it is for us and only for us there. They took us to three bays with crystal clear waters, children enjoyed diving, fishing and sailing. It is worth visiting Naxos and opting for excursion a sailing trip with Sofia Star 1.

Dimis M (from Tripadvisor)

Fantastic daily cruise to Koufonisia

For the last 3 years me and my friends have been travelling to Naxos and Koufonisia for our holidays.After sailing once with Sofia star 1 you find out that there's no better way of enjoying summer!Perfect destination,for all ages,in a view different of what we are used to.We were very lucky to find Mrs Lia and her crew,in Naxos port,and able to cruise daily to Koufonisia with the most beautiful yacht we had ever seen!!Mrs Lia is an exemplar as a professional and as a human being.Our trip was pleasant,Sofia Star was always clean and the lunch was suberb!We can't wait of being back to Naxos and Sofia Star for memorable holidays!

Lenia K (from Tripadvisor)


The staff were so helpful and really made it a luxurious cruise. It was all about us! Really worth the money! Would do it again if we return.

Sam J (from Viator)


When we first saw the boat and met you all in Alimos marina myself and Sarah knew our holidays would be what we expected!!! Lia your cooking is magnificent! We liked the fact that you’d ask us about the meals but next time we’ll leave it all up to you. We’re sure we’ll be just us happy. Lenia your friendly attidute made us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole journey. We’ll also improved the greek you so kindly taught us! Yiannis your knowledge of the sea and the many parts we visited gave us a feeling of safety and ample knowledge of your beautifuled country. Last but not least, think you Sofia Star! Our home for 10 days, that took so good care of us and gave us comfort, luxury and great photos!!! P.s Next year we’ll bring some friends along!

Pete, Sarah, Luke, Mary C, USA(from Guestbook)


We have had the most wonderful evening with you today which has all been due to your lovely hospitality, friendliness and amazing service. From the moment we stepped on the yacht you made us feel welcomed and comfortable so that this was absolutelyan evening to remember for forever! We wish you all the best for your future trips but this will not be needed as you are excellent at ensuring each tripis fantastic. It was lovely to meet you. Do let us know if you are ever in Sydney. Cheers.

Dave, AUSTRALIA(from Guestbook)

Yannis, Lenia and Lia WOW fantastic crew of Sofia now. We enjoyed an amazing time. Swimming, excellent food and sailing FIVE! An experience for us to always treasure so Sublime! Scrumptious says dad! Gorgeous says Gary! Unbelievevable says Laura! Fabulous says Ramse! Final chorus of THANK YOU we all say!!!

Gary A, USA (from Guestbook)


Sofia star your team Lia, Lenia and Yannis is great ON. We started our tour hear in Athens 1 day was beautiful experience. The setting, the crew and Lia’s cooking was delicious. We would love to come back and spend more time visiting islands and we would love to do so on Sofia Star.Thank you for the beautiful evening. That was relaxing and yet entertaining with great food and company.

Vincent, Ramya & Michail L, USA (from Guestbook)


I could not have experienced any better time. Truly!!! You guys made every part of this absolutely special! The dinner and everything was exceptional. Also, every part you guys planned and helped James propose!

Callie & James, USA (from Guestbook)


What an amazing day! Thank you all for your wonderful hospitality. My wife and I couldn’t have fond a better experience to end the trip to Greece. I never thoughtif would be possible to make a beer stopin this glorious sea but you made it happen. Hope to tour again with you!

Tala & Galm, DUBAI (from Guestbook)


To the marvelous cre of Sofia Star, for us the best vacations are ones where we can relax and learn at the same time. We have had a great week doing both! From Lia, a reminder of what a joy it can be to connect with people and make them happy through good food and great cooking! From Lenia, a daily reminder of the value of energy, optimism, many talents aboard. Thank you for our daily lesson in Greek and for the world’s oldest and wizest saying “ don’t worry! ”. From John, great conversation, broad history lessons and fine seamanship! All three of you made this trip special. Monica especially enjoyed not having to cook or worry about cleaning up.

Monica M, USA (from Guestbook)


Thank you all so very much for your kindness to our family! We really enjoyed our tour in the Cyclades with you on the lovely Sofia Star. We felt well-taken care of and appreciated how you accommodated all of our needs. A special thanks to Lenia for encouraging me to jump into the water! My only regret is that we didn’t take full advantage of Lia’s cooking! We especially enjoyed our time getting to learn you all when we just sat together on the yacht. Thank you for the wonderful time and please come see us.

Robin S, USA (from Guestbook)

Your best holiday ever

Your best holiday ever: It simply doesn’t get any better than a Greece sailing holiday. We see to it delivering an unmatched level of customer service, by offering an exotic selection of bases in the Greece’s finest sailing grounds and by providing you with a luxury yacht Sofia Star 1 designed for a carefree, comfortable adventure. These are the reasons sailors from around the World choose the sail in Greece with Sofia Star1.
And they’re the reasons we promise you the best holiday ever.